family pic

family pic

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Visiting Santa 16

Santa had visited my classroom before and was AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING and I had always heard his 'shop' here in town was worth the trip.  Had planned to go last year but pregnancy got in the way of that so we went this year and it WAS worth it.  So much to look at and such an amazing spirit. 

EVERY child leaves with two toys.  You get a stuffed animal that an elf delivers you as you are on Santas lap and then as you are telling Santa what you want for Christmas another little elf is finding you a treasure.  Jaren said a puzzle and he got a puzzle - Ryland said a car and he got a car - Landrie said a surprise and she got a pink backpack!!!

So much fun - so much magic - so so so many smiles.

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